The Kingdom

Jul 21, 2015

Right, I’ve come to the conclusion that we should all just move to Kerry. Forget Dublin, forget Galway, forget Cork. Kerry has everything you could ask for - mountains, lakes, great towns, the Healy-Raes, beautiful coastlines. Last weekend Mary and I headed up to Killarney (well close by) to visit the Kerry Cornallys (distinct from the Dublin Cornallys, Tipperary Cornallys and the other Dublin Cornallys… they get around).

There wasn’t much mountain trekking or coasteering in our 24 hour stay but there was a field full of friendly cows, a brood of hens and Poppie, the happiest dog in Kerry. On Saturday we also got to cheer on Peter as he crossed the line in his first ever marathon! Go Pete!

#lovekillarney #cowsofkerry

I'm totally getting the hang of this prisming thing...
This is Joe #cowsofkerry