15 from 2015

Dec 31, 2015

Another year gone by and it was a year of big changes in my photo world. First, I shot not one but two weddings! This was something I could not have imagined happening this time last year. I’m already looking forward to several weddings for 2016. Bring it on! One of my photos was selected for the Irish Examiner’s photographer of year competition (looking forward to seeing who made the final list in the coming weeks). On a more personal level there were birthdays, easter hunts, holidays and misty walks to keep me clicking all year round.

Instead of putting together a monster list of photos taken over the year, I’ve gone the more restrained route and picked 15 photos for 2015 to reflect the highlights of my year. I figure with this approach, the choice will get easier each year :)

What better place to start but with the wonderful couple who trusted me to capture their day
In the middle of an Easter-Egg hunt, Caoilfhionn is a rock of sensibilty
One of my fav photos of the year
Father and daughter enjoying a bit of Confirmation/birthday cake
Patience is a virtue... that is rewarded with cake
Birthday beer for Dad (with added sparkle)
Another of my favs of the year of one of my favourite people
So... yeah, I kinda developed a bit of a cow obsession this year
Couldn't do a 15 of 2015 without the lovely Cork making an appearance
The photo that rocked the offices of the Irish Examiner (Cathal, there's a fiver in the post if I win)
Coffee break to warm up on the promenade in Salthill. A few brave ladies had other ideas
There were easily 15 photos of this lovely lady, this was the pick of the bunch x
Misty walk in Kerry
My second wedding of the year, as the bride's daughter takes it all in
Baby Kate may have been the star of the Hogan household but who couldn't love poor Charlie stuck outside